Are Your Legs Frozen Yet?

It was the late 60’s and proper women wore dresses. Not slacks. This was a cultural thing we brought north with us. It was also the “man as the head of the household” thing – whose word is law, and perhaps most importantly (reinforcing the tenant that the man’s word rules the family), it was a religious thing. So there I was living in the arctic with daytime winter temps often not rising above -25 below. Cold. Bitter cold. Suck in a breath and feel the moisture down your throat crystalize into frozen beads of ice cold. Have I painted the scene? If so, let’s talk about recess. Of course we still ran madly out the doors for recess twice during the school day, this was a tough bunch. But perhaps I was the toughest of all because every day the thermometer stayed steady above a frigid -25 degrees I could be seen heading out for a game of tetherball or a swoosh down the slide in a dress. Oh come on, it wasn’t that bad, my parent’s theory was that a white pair of tights made up the difference of not having a sturdy pair of pants covering my legs. Right. But I was a proper girl. So a dress and tights it was.

Until it reached below -25 degrees. Can’t you still hear me cheering? Those days I was blessedly permitted to wear PANTS!!!!!! (You get the logic, right?) I hate the cold like a religion, but it could never be cold enough each school day morning when I was a kid in the arctic, getting dressed for school.


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