Why On Earth Would You Open Your Mouth to Tell These Stories?!

Sure, you may ask that. Let me tell you the answer. It’s pretty simple. For my entire lifetime of several decades I have lived under the unspoken but foreboding demand that no one speak of the truths and events that have transpired inside my family, both past and current. And that has been crazy making for me. And I’ve watched it wreak havoc with other immediate members in addition to the following generations of this family. At times the ultimatum that we all deny and avoid getting to the heart of where our problems originate has caused me to feel as if I am going to explode, suffocate. Without the ability to speak I am denied permission to be anything close to my authentic self, left to play a washed down and prettied up version of myself. And then I watched it begin to have an impact on my family. My pent up hurt was seeping out, getting in the way of the one goal I have sworn to accomplish in my life: that this craziness stop with me, that it not get passed down to my children.

Have them be impacted and all bets are off. As of that realization I have given myself permission to share any and all that I choose to. I am free to speak my truth, finally, and with that comes the possibility for my and my family’s salvation.


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