Healing ain’t for sissies.

E197FBD1-C40A-453F-B6A8-508E7D578037I wrote a whole bit on what I think about the above words, and then deleted. They (Mark Groves, Create the Love) say it best, I don’t need to elaborate.

If you are going through a shift in your life that includes the need to heal, it’s going to be more than a mere dump in the road. If we accept the above, head on, rather than wanting to believe we can challenge all the shit that got us to a place we didn’t want to be and it won’t be too hard to correct course, it’ll actually make the whole process easier. Amazingly by accepting just what a train wreck it’ll be, it then feels more doable and can even provide a sense of peace. Surender, accept, acknowledge the depth of the shifts required in your life that will twist you in ways you have never experienced.

And then take the best possible care of yourself. Eat amazing, healthful food. Move your body, it’s happy when it gets challenged. A happy body does wonders for the spirit and mind! Make a genuine connection with someone each day. Be giving to another. Get enough rest. All of this basically puts you in the best frame of mind and body to empower yourself! Also be gentle and forgiving, you are a brave soul for leaping into this journey and deserve all the joy and peace possible for a human being.


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